Guidelines for oral presentation

Slides and posters must be written in ENGLISH. Speech can be in English or Italian (English warmly recommended). For further information please refer to the Convenors of your session.


– Presentations will be made on computers using MICROSOFT WINDOWS and must be compatible with PowerPoint or in PDF format. Speakers should test the compatibility of their presentations in advance before delivering them to the Slide Center. Provided that personnel and time are available, speakers will be able to check their presentations at the Slide Center.

– The normal oral slot has a total duration of 15 minutes, including presentation, discussion and change of speaker. Therefore, speakers should prepare a talk with a maximum duration of 10-12 minutes, in order to allow questions from the audience and Conveners.

– Speakers will upload their presentations from USB devices at the Slide Center, following these guidelines:
1) file names should contain the session identifier followed by the surname of the presenter, e.g. “S2-Rossi.ppt”;
2) presenters in the morning should upload their file before 9:00 (morning sessions) ;
3) presenters in the afternoon should upload their file before 13:30 (afternoon sessions);
4) alternatively, authors may send in advance their presentation by email to the address

– Speakers should be present in their respective lecture rooms at least 10 minutes before the start of the session, in order to meet with other speakers and with the Convenors. Technical support will be provided in all rooms by student helpers.