Abstract submission

Participants who wish to contribute to the Conference are invited to submit an abstract in English (1 page), indicating their preference for oral or poster presentation before February 15, 2017.
Use the Word text editor to compile your document which must contain title, author(s), affiliation(s) of author(s), and abstract text. The abstract text should have 300–500 words, references included. The document should be written with single line spacing and 11 pt Arial font; title in 12 pt Arial, bold characters. Available space must be used as follows and contain the following sections:
– Rationale (should contain 1-2 sentences that clearly indicate the scientific question of the study)
– Methods ( should contain sufficient information to be able to understand the experimental design and the analytical techniques used in the study)
– Results (should contain objective data to answer the scientific question)
– Conclusions (should provide only conclusions of the study directly supported by the results)

Submission implies willingness to register at the Conference and present the contribution. Abstract must be submitted on-line via the on-line abstract submission form that can be found in the section “Upload Abstract ” on the official FLOWPATH 2017 conference website: http://convegni.unica.it/flowpath2017/upload-abstract/.

Notification of acceptance will be transmitted by April,  3, 2017.

The Scientific Committee reserves the assignment of the abstracts for oral or poster presentation. In accordance with the objective of the Conference, oral or poster presentation should be preferably submitted by young hydrogeologists.

The Abstract Proceedings will be published online, whit DOI code and ISBN, on the UniCA Open Journals website, the open access platform of the University of Cagliari (http://ojs.unica.it/index.php/flowpath2017/about).

Authors presenting an accepted abstract must register to attend the Conference and pay the appropriate registration fee before May 20, 2017. Failure to register, automatically implies that the abstract will not be included in the Abstract Proceedings and on the web site.

For the accepted abstracts of authors registered to the conference by the April 15, 2017, a short note (minimum 6, maximum 8 pages – recommended 6) have to be submitted by the June, 30, 2017, for the publication on Rendiconti online (ROL) of Italian Geological Society. The ROL are indexed by Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, and by WoS. Only two short notes per author can be submitted. The submission must occur on-line via the on-line abstract submission form that can be found in the section “Upload Abstract for ROL sumbission” on the official FLOWPATH 2017 conference website

Instructions for authors on how formatting the short notes are available on Società Geologica Italiana website