Conference sessions

Session 1- Groundwater quality protection

Conveners: S. Da Pelo, D. Ducci, M. D. Fidelibus

Quality standards, groundwater vulnerability, groundwater source protection zones, quality and anthropogenic activities, groundwater policy, legal and economic aspects, natural background, monitoring,  remediation technologies, aquifer salt water intrusion.


Session 2 – Hydrogeology of fractured rocks and karst aquifers

Conveners :  M. Petitta, M. Pola, B. Vigna

Fractured rock system hydrogeology, karst aquifers , mineral and thermal water resources.


Session 3- Groundwater flow and transport modelling

Conveners : F. Lotti, M. Mastrocicco, G. Uras

Groundwater modeling, model concepts, numerical methods, water flow-paths and groundwater dynamics, modelling of hydrogeochemical processes  in groundwater.


Session 4- Groundwater  management in arid and semi-arid region 

Conveners : G. Ghiglieri , M. Polemio

Climate change and groundwater availability, coastal aquifer management, groundwater: food and health, Managed Aquifer Recharge