Specialized Sessions (scheduling in progress)

Title: Multiway Analysis
Organizer: G. Bove (University of Roma Tre, Italy)

Title: Selecting a mixture model with a clustering focus
Organizer: G. Celeux (Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France)

Title: New Methodogogies for Composite Indicators
Organizer: A. Di Ciaccio (University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy)

Title: Cluster analysis software and validation
Organizer: C. Hennig (University College London, UK)

Title: Clustering in time series
Organizer: M. La Rocca (University of Salerno, Italy)

Title: Big Data Value in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities I
Organizer: D. Malerba (University of Bari A. Moro, Italy)

Title: Causal Inference with Complex Data Structures
Organizer: A. Mattei (University of Florence, Italy)

Title: Bayesian nonparametric clustering
Organizer: F. Ruggeri (CNR-IMATI, Italy)

Title: Exploring relationships between block of variables
Organizer: G. Russolillo (CNAM, France)

Title: Robust methods for the analysis of Economic (Big) data
Organizer: S. Salini (University of Milan, Italy)