Solicited Sessions (scheduling in progress)

Title: Latent variabile models for longitudinal data (session related to FIRB project), Part I
Organizer: S. Bacci (University of Perugia, Italy)

Title: Latent variabile models for longitudinal data (session related to FIRB project), Part II
Organizer: F. Bartolucci (University of Perugia, Italy)

Title: Modelling Ordinal Data
Organizer: M. Carpita (University of Brescia, Italy)

Title: Advances in Ordinal and Preference Data
Organizer: A. D’Ambrosio (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)

Title: Recent Advances in Quantile Regression
Organizer: C. Davino (University of Macerata, Italy)

Title: Multivariate methods for network analysis
Organizer: D. De Stefano (University of Trieste, Italy)

Title: Functional data analysis for environmental data
Organizer: T. Di Battista (University of Chieti G. D’Annunzio, Italy)

Title: Advances in Density-based clustering
Organizer: F. Greselin (University of Milan Bicocca, Italy)

Title: Time series clustering II
Organizer: M. La Rocca (University of Salerno, Italy)

Title: Big Data Value in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities II
Organizer: D. Malerba (University of Bari A. Moro, Italy)

Title: Advanced models for tourism analysis
Organizer: S. Mignani (University of Bologna, Italy)

Title: Case studies in data science from Ligurian companies
Organizer: D. Panaro (University of Pisa, Italy)

Title: Directional Data
Organizer: G.C. Porzio (University of Cassino, Italy)

Title: Access to bank credit and SME financing
Organizer: S. Rossi (University of Cagliari, Italy)

Title: Multivariate data analysis in environmental sciences
Organizer: F. Ruggeri (CNR IMATI, Italy)

Title: Bayesian Networks and Graphical Models in Socio-Economic Sciences
Organizer: P. Vicard (University of Rome “Roma Tre”, Italy)

Title: Current challenges in clustering and classification of biomedical data
Organizer: A.F.X. Wilhelm (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)