CLADAG PROGRAM October 10, 2015


08.30 – 09. 30   INVITED Alfredo Rizzi: The man and his work         Nautilus Room

Chair: F. Mola

Alfredo Rizzi: an ante-litteram (early forerunner) data scientist – C.N. Lauro

Alfredo Rizzi President of the Italian Statistical Society – N. Torelli

The scientific and academic work of Alfredo Rizzi – M. Vichi


08.30 – 09. 30   SAT1 Access to bank credit and SME financing Part 1         Astrea Room

Chair: S. Rossi

Sovereign stress, unconventional monetary policy, and SME access to finance – A. Ferrando, A. Popov, G.F. Udell

Creditor protection, judicial enforcement and credit access – A. Moro, D. Maresch, A. Ferrando


09.30 – 10. 40   SOL15 Recent developments in statistical analysis of network data           Cyprea Room

Chair: D. De Stefano

Game Theory and Network models for the reconstruction of archeological networks – V. Amati, U. Brandes

A model for clustering a spatial network with application to Local Labour System identification – S. Zaccarin, F. Paoli, N. Torelli

On the sampling distributions of the ML estimators in network effect models – M. La Rocca, G.C. Porzio, M.P. Vitale, P. Doreian

Correspondence analysis with doubling for two-mode valued networks – D. D’Ambrosio, G. Ragozini, D. De Stefano


09.30 – 10. 40   SOL16 Current challenges in clustering and classification of biomedical data          Nautilus Room

Chair: A.F.X. Wilhelm

Semantic multi classifier systems for the detection of aging related processes – H.A. Kestler, L. Lausser, L.R. Schirra, F. Schmid

Emotion recognition in human computer interaction using multiple classifier systems – F. Schwenker

Ensemble of selected classifiers – B. Lausen, A. Gul, Z. Khan, O. Mahmoud


09.30 – 10. 40   CONTR15 Complex models for finance and economics           Alvania Room

Chair: F. Finazzi

Bayesian Networks for Stock Picking – A. Greppi, M.E. De Giuli, C. Tarantola

Portfolio selection with Lasso algorithm – S. Facchinetti, R. Bramante, D. Zappa

Sunspots and hopf bifurcations in economic models with Externalities – B. Venturi, A. Pirisinu


09.30 – 10. 40   SAT2 Access to bank credit and SME financing Part 2         Astrea Room

Chair: S. Rossi

Sources of the small firm financing premium: European evidence – F. McCann, S. Holton

Credit access for female firms: evidence from a survey on European SMEs – V. Vacca, M.L. Stefani

Bank financing and gender discrimination: some empirical evidence on European SMEs – S. Rossi, E. Galli, D.V. Mascia


10.40 – 11. 10   COFFEE BREAK


11.10 – 12. 15   SPEC9 Selecting a mixture model with a clustering focus         Cyprea Room

Chair: G. Celeux – Discussant: A. Montanari

Clustering in finite mixtures using an Integrated Completed Likelihood criterion – R. Rastelli, M. Bertoletti, N. Friel

Estimation and model selection for model-based clustering with the conditional classification likelihood – J.P. Baudry

On the different ways to compute the Integrated Completed Likelihood criterion – G. Celeux


11.10 – 12. 15 SPEC10 Exploring relationships between blocks of variables         Nautilus Room

Chair: G. Russolillo – Discussant: V. Esposito Vinzi

Weighted multiblock clustering – N. Niang, M. Outtara

THEME: THEmatic Model Exploration through Multiple Co-Structure maximisation: method and software – X. Bry, T. Verron

A new component-based approach of regularization for multivariate generalized linear regression – C. Trottier, X. Bry, F. Mortier, G. Cornu


11.10 – 12. 15   SAT3 Access to bank credit and SME financing Part 3         Astrea Room

Chair: R. Malavasi

SMEs sources of funds: more capital or more debt to sustain growth? An empirical analysis – M. Brogi

Asset correlations and SME credit access – G. Gabbi, P. Vozzella

Credit supply and bank interest rates in the Italian Regions – R. Malavasi, M. Aliano


12.15 – 13. 05   KEY3   KEYNOTE3 – Chair: F. Palumbo         Nautilus Room

Eigenvalues in mixture modeling: geometric, robustness and computational issues   S. Ingrassia


13.05 – 13. 45   Closing ceremony         Nautilus Room