CLADAG PROGRAM October 9, 2015


08.45 – 10. 00   SPEC5 Multiway Analysis         Cyprea Room

Chair: G. Bove – Discussant: F. Palumbo

(Interactive) visualisation of three-way data – C. Albers, J.C. Gower

Robust fuzzy clustering of multivariate time trajectories – R. Massari, P. D’Urso

Estimation procedures for avoiding degenerate solutions in CANDECOMP/PARAFAC – P. Giordani


08.45 – 10. 00   SPEC6 Big Data Analysis         Nautilus Room

Chair: C. Loglisci – Discussant: P. Giudici

Big Data Value in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities – D. Malerba

Mining Big Data with high performance computing solutions – C. Sartori, S. Basta, F. Angiulli, S. Lodi, G. Moro

Enhancing Big Data exploration with faceted browsing – S. Bergamaschi, G. Simonini, S. Zhu

Towards a statistical framework for attribute comparison in very large relational databases – M. Roveri, C. Alippi, E. Quintarelli, L. Tanca


10.00 – 11. 00   SOL7 Time series in clustering II         Cyprea Room

Chair: M. La Rocca

Parsimonious clustering of time series – A. D’Ambrosio, C. Iorio, G. Frasso, R. Siciliano

Dynamic Time Warping-based fuzzy clustering for spatial time series – R. Massari, P. D’Urso, M. Disegna

Periodical feature based time series clustering – L. Parrella, F. Giordano, M. La Rocca


10.00 – 11. 00   SOL8 Big Data Analysis        Nautilus Room

Chair: D. Malerba

Interactive Machine Learning with R – G. Di Nunzio

Workload estimation for a call center – P. Riva, R. Scommegna

Prediction in Olive Oil Market using Regression Models on Temporal Data Network – C. Loglisci, U. Medicamento, A. Casieri


10.00 – 11. 00   CONTR7 Dimension reduction methods         Astrea Room

Chair: M. Vichi

Principal component analysis of complex data and application to climatology – S. Creta, S. Camiz

Sparse exploratory multidimensional IRT models – S. Fontanella, L. Fontanella, P. Valentini, N. Trendafilov

Iterative factor clustering for categorical data reconsidered – F. Palumbo, A. Iodice D’Enza, A. Markos


10.00 – 11. 00   CONTR8 Robustness and data diagnostics II         Alvania Room

Chair: M. Riani

Testing antipodal symmetry of circular data – G. Casale, G. Pandolfo, G.C. Porzio

How to define deviance residuals in multinomial regression – G. Romeo, M. Sciandra, M. Chiodi

Diagnostic tools for GAMLSS fitted objects – A. Marletta, M. Sciandra


11.00 – 11. 30   COFFEE BREAK


11.30 – 12. 20   KEY2   KEYNOTE2 – Chair: P. Giudici         Nautilus Room

Variable selection for model-based clustering of categorical data   B. Murphy


12.20 – 13. 20   SOL9 Advances in Ordinal and Preference Data         Nautilus Room

Chair: A. D’Ambrosio

Measuring consensus in the setting of non-uniform qualitative scales – J.L. Garcìa-Lapresta, D. Pérez-Román

Accurate Algorithms for Consensus Ranking Detection- G. Mazzeo, A. D’Ambrosio, R. Sicialiano

Logistic Regression Trees for Ordinal and Preference Data – T. Rusch, A. Zeileis, K. Hornnik


12.30 – 13. 20   SOL10 Case studies in data science from Ligurian companies         Cyprea Room

Chair: D. Panaro

Statistical methods for the analysis of Ostreopsis ovata bloom events from meteo-marine data – E. Ottaviani, V. Asnaghi, M. Chiantore, A. Pedroncini, R. Bertolotto

Data mining for optimal gambling – F. Malfanti, G. Torre

A fraud detection algorithm for online banking – E. Riccomagno, D. Panaro, F. Malfanti

Does directors’ background matter? Firm value and board features – D. Panaro, S. Ferramosca, S. Trucco


12.30 – 13. 20   CONTR9 Bayesian Data Analysis          Astrea Room

Chair: S. Tonellato

Bayesian Inference with linked data – B. Liseo, R. Sterols, A. Tancredi

A semi-parametric Fay-Herriot-type model with unknown sampling variances – S. Polettini

On Robust Posterior Distributions via Optimally B-Robust estimating functions and Approximate Bayesian Computation – I.L. Danesi, F. Piacenza, E. Ruli, L. Ventura


12.30 – 13. 20   CONTR10 Network data and multilevel models         Alvania Room

Chair: G. Ragozini

MCA based community detection – C. Drago

Classifying sociometric roles by Network Analysis – V. Tomaselli, S. Gozzo

A multilevel Heckman model to investigate financial assets among old people in Europe – O. Paccagnella


13.20 – 14. 50   LUNCH


14.50 – 15. 50   SOL11 Modeling ordinal data        Nautilus Room

Chair: M. Carpita

Posterior predictive model checks for assessing the goodness of fit of Bayesian multidimensional IRT models – S. Mignani, M. Matteucci

International tourism in Italy: a Bayesian Network approach – G. Perucca, F. Cugnata

Clustering upper level units in multilevel models for ordinal data – C. Rampichini, L. Grilli, A. Panzera


14.50 – 15. 50   SOL12 Functional data analysis for environmental data         Cyprea Room

Chair: T. Di Battista

Clustering spatially dependent functional data: a method based on the concept of spatial dispersion function of a curve – A. Balzanella, E. Romano, R. Verde

Two case studies on object oriented spatial statistics – P. Secchi

Inference on functional biodiversity tools – F. Fortuna, T. Di Battista, F. Maturo


14.50 – 15. 50   CONTR11 Nonparametric and semiparamteric regression         Astrea Room

Chair: B. Liseo

Optimal pricing using bayesian semiparametric price response models – W.J. Steiner, A. Weber, S. Lang, P. Wechselberger

Monetary transmission models for banking interest rates – L. Parisi, P. Giudici, I. Gianfrancesco, C. Gilberto

Estimating the effect of prenatal care on birth outcomes – E. Sironi, M. Cannas


14.50 – 15. 50 CONTR12 Similarities and dissimilarities         Alvania Room

Chair: R. Siciliano

Recursive partitioning: an approach based on the weighted Kenemy distance – M. Sciandra, V. Picone, A. Plaia

Why to study abroad? an example of clustering – V. Caviezel, A.M. Falzoni

Graphical copula-based tool for detecting tail dependence – R. Pappadà, F. Durante, N. Torelli


15.50 – 17. 05   SPEC7 New Methodogogies for Composite Indicators           Nautilus Room

Chair: M. Carpita – Discussant: M. Carpita

Advances in Composite-based Path Modeling for Synthetic Indicators – V. Esposito Vinzi, L. Trinchera, G. Russolillo

Composite Indicators Modeling – M. Vichi, F. Mealli, T. Van der Weele

Measuring the importance of variables in composite indicators- W. Becker, M. Saisana, P. Paruolo, A. Saltelli


15.50 – 17. 05   SPEC8 Cluster analysis software and validation         Cyprea Room

Chair: C. Hennig – Discussant: C. Hennig

Adaptive choice of input parameters in robust clustering – L.A. Garcìa-Escudero, A. Mayo-Iscar

Robust model-based clustering with covariance matrix constraints – P. Coretto, C. Hennig

Flexible Implementation of Resampling Schemes for Cluster Validation – F. Leisch


17.05 – 17. 35   COFFEE BREAK


17.35 – 18. 35   SOL13 Advances in quantile regression         Nautilus Room

Chair: C. Davino

M-quantile regression: diagnostics and parametric representation of the model – A. Binachi, E. Fabrizi, N. Salvati, N. Tzavidis

Quantile Regression: A Bayesian Robust Approach – M. Bottone, L. Petrella, M. Bernardi

A comparison of quantile and m-quantile estimators for linear regression methods – D. Vistocco, M. Furno

Handling heterogeneity among units in Quantile Regression Application – C. Davino, D. Vistocco


17.35 – 18. 35   SOL14 Directional Data         Cyprea Room

Chair: G.C. Porzio

Small biased circular density estimation – M. Di Marzio, S. Fensore, A. Panzera, C.C. Taylor

A depth-based classifier for circular data – G. Pandolfo

Nonparametric estimates of the mode for directional data – G.C. Porzio, T. Kirschstein, S. Liebscher, G. Ragozini


17.35 – 18. 35   CONTR13 Data Science         Astrea Room

Chair: M. Cannas

Classification models as tools of bankruptcy prediction – Polish experience – J. Pociecha, B. Pawełek, M. Baryła, S. Augustyn

The relationship between individual price response of beer consumers and their demographic/psychographic characteristics – F. Paetz

The ensemble conceptual clustering of symbolic data for customer loyalty analysis – M. Pelka

Consumers’ perceptions of corporate social responsibilities and willingness to pay: a Partial Least Squares approach – K. Luebke, C. Hose, T. Obermeier


17.35 – 18. 35   CONTR6 Multilevel and network data analysis         Alvania Room

Chair: P. Giudici

Inspecting the quality of italian wine through causal reasoning – S. Golia, E. Brentari, M. Carpita

Exploring socio-economic factors associated with adherence to the mediterranean diet: a multilevel approach – L. Secondi, T. Laureti

Big Data and “Social” reputation: a financial example – P. Cerchiello


18.35 – 19. 35   CLADAG Assembly         Nautilus Room


20.15 – 23. 00   Conference Dinner