Eating out




The various restaurants in the list below specialise in fish, meat, pizza and vegetarian food and some serve gluten-free food. They are all easily accessible on foot from the Conference venue.



Via Sassari 45/47, Tel. +39 070 664735

Basically a fish and meat restaurant, but they also offer vegetarian and gluten-free food. Elegant furniture and excellent service.


Sa Domu Sarda

Via Sassari 51, Tel. +39 070 653400

Traditional Sardinian food, meat and fish. Excellent roast meat. Superb appetisers and Sardinian sweets. Tiny restaurant, booking is advisable.



Via Sassari 120, Tel. +39 070 651075, Mobile +39 348 3352173

Cute and cosy style, typical traditional Sardinian dishes. Genuine and clean, fair prices and several menus.


La Damigiana

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 115, Tel. +39 070 658277

Lunch and dinner, accepts bookings. Really good service in a family atmosphere. Fresh local produce and excellent value for money.


Monica e Hamed

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 119, Tel. +39 070 6402045

Specialising in fish, lunch and dinner (even after midnight), accepts bookings. Nice environment, tastefully decorated, good food accompanied by the courtesy of the staff. Wide variety of wines.


Ristorante Italia

Via Sardegna 30, Tel. +39 070 657987

Elegant restaurant in the centre of Cagliari. Friendly service and qualified staff, great fish menu, wide choice of wines and dishes.


Ci Pensa Cannas

Via Sardegna 30, Tel. +39 070 667815

Fresh, tasty and plentiful food. Friendly staff and service. Fried fish and house wine are recommended. Excellent spaghetti with sea urchins.


L’Oca Bianca

Via Napoli 38, Tel. +39 070 664339

Restaurant and pizzeria. Fuses classic Italian food with the flavours of ethnic cuisine (ranging from Chinese and Vietnamese to Indian, Tex-Mex, Palestinian). Tastefully decorated, on three floors. Fair prices.



Via Sardegna 36/40, Tel. +39 070 663864

Fish and meat. Great food, good service, generous portions and reasonable prices. Home-made Sardinian sweets.


Al Porto

Via Sardegna 44, Tel. +39 070 663131

Easy to reach, in the centre of Cagliari. The menu is mostly seafood and typical Sardinian dishes as malloreddus alla campidanese (typical pasta from the south of Sardinia, with tomato sauce and sausage). Fresh and inviting sea urchins, lobster, and calamari. Nice tables outside.


Antica Cagliari

Via Sardegna 49, Tel. +39 070 7340198

Meat and fish. Very nice restaurant in the centre. Abundant and well-served food. Fast and friendly service.



Via Sardegna 78, Tel. +39 070 652970

Excellent fish. This restaurant, or tavern, like many others in the area located in small alleys where motor vehicles have no access, can be appreciated especially in summer, and allows you to enjoy the beauty of the historical district of Cagliari.


Da Fabio

Via Sardegna 90, Tel. +39 070 682140

Meat and fish. Spaghetti with clams and pennette with salmon are excellent. The dishes are simple and tasty, ideal for a quick lunch.


Il Buongustaio

Via Concezione 7, Tel. +39 070 668124

Family-run. Meat, fish, vegetarian and gluten-free food. Lunch and dinner. Freshness and tradition.


Da Serafino

Via Lepanto 6, Tel. +39 070 651795

Meat, fish, vegetarian. Gluten-free pasta. Lunch and dinner. Excellent value for money given the proximity to Via Roma. Artfully prepared dishes.

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