Advances in the theory, practice and application of mathematical models, methodologies and decision support systems in the field of freight transportation and logistics.

It will be the 7th in the series of ODYSSEUS meetings (Crete 2000, Sicily 2003, Altea 2006, Çeşme 2009, Mykonos 2012, Ajaccio 2015), following the footsteps of its predecessors in bringing together researchers and practitioners of freight transportation and logistics to discuss recent experiences, exchange ideas, disseminate research results, and present advanced applications and technologies.

The workshop will take place in the city of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). Download the ODYSSEUS 2018 flyer.

Moreover, two-day PhD school will be held just before the beginning of the workshop with the support of VeRoLog.


A historical note on the logo of Odysseus 2018

The logo of the workshop shows a bronze statuette of a votive boat. Click on the logo to see a picture of the statuette. It dates back to the last phase of Sardinian prehistory (XII-IX BC), which is also called Nuragic Period. More than seventy of these statuettes were found in Sardinia and, partially, in the Italian peninsula.

Nuragic people left a much larger variety of small boat models than either the Phoenicians or the Greeks. An illustration of a Nuragic boat was also discovered on a Mycenaean vase of the XII century BC in the island of Skiros (Greece). Therefore, Nuragic people were familiar with maritime freight transportation and this familiarity was widely known.

These statuettes depict realistic boats with bestial heads on the prow, likely in order to fight against the evil spirits of the sea. Nowadays, freight transportation planning under uncertainty is still a relevant topic. Of course, several papers will be presented at Odysseus 2018 on this topic.


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