Plenary and Invited speakers


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Plenary Speakers:

Prof. Jonathan  Steed (University of Durham, UK)

Supramolecular Gels and How to Think about Them (concepts, characterization techniques and applications)

Prof. Michaele Hardie (University of Leeds, UK)

Structural characterization of large metallo-supramolecular assemblies

Prof. Ivan Huc (University of Munich, Germany)

Aromatic foldamers: engineering molecular shape (solid phase synthesis, crystallogenesis, and single crystal x-ray diffraction)

Prof. Valèrie Heitz (University of Strasbourg, France)

Supramolecular switchable cages

Prof. Luisa De Cola (University of Strasbourg, France)

Seeing is believing: how to visualize self-assembly processes

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Valeria Amendola (University of Pavia)

Molecular covalent cages, synthesis and application in anion recognition (synthetic strategies, critical analysis and comparison of the different techniques commonly used in anion binding studies)

Prof. Anne Ponchell (University of Artois, France)

Cyclodextrins in catalysis (organometallic catalysis, colloidal catalysis, nanoparticles and heterogeneous catalysis)

Prof. Laura Rodriguez (University of Barcelona, Spain)

Supramolecular assemblies and luminescence of gold and platinum organometallic complexes

Prof. Ross Forgan (University of Glasgow, UK)

Metal Organic Frameworks

Prof. Luca Prodi (University of Bologna, Italy)

Silica Nanoparticles for nanomedicine (synthetic strategies for the synthesis of silica nanoparticles, photophysical processes in nanostructures, design of nanostructured optical probes for analytes of biological relevance, elements for the design of nanomaterials for fluorescence and photoacoustic imaging)

Prof. Kay Severin (EPFL, Switzerland)

Reflections on how to build large metallosupramolecular structures

Dr Hennie Valkinier (University of Brussels, Belgium)

Fluorescence spectroscopy to study transmembrane transport












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