Young Investigator Training Programme (YITP)

ACRI - Associazione di Fondazioni e di Casse di Risparmio SpA

ACRI (associazione di fondazioni e di casse di risparmio) has funded 6 awards (3000 eur each) to allow to 6 foreign young researchers to work for at least one month in an Italian Research Centre (see below) associated with the conference INTERFACES.


The winners or the YITP-2019 awards

Diellza Bajrami Sarka Sovova Magdalenza Szota Dominik Terefinko Jacopo Vialetto
University of Ulm (Germany) Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic)

Polish Academy of Science (Poland)

Wroclaw University of Technology  (Poland) ETH Zurich (Switzerland)


N. Name of the winner Italian Institutuon for the training Supervisor
1 Diellza Bajrami Università di Bari Gerardo Palazzo
2 Sarka Sovova Università di Cagliari Andrea Salis
3 Magdalena Szota Università di Cagliari Andrea Salis
4 Dominik Terefinko Università di Firenze Massimo Bonini
5 Jacopo Vialetto Università di Firenze Marco Laurati
6 Nastaran Arab Università di Cagliari Andrea Salis


Project Titles

  1. Synthesis and characterization of antimicrobial silver halide nanocolloids (Diellza Bajrami)
  2. Specific buffer effects on the formation of “protein corona” on nanoparticles (Sarka Sovova)
  3. Development of smart nanostructures based on polyelectrolytes and proteins (Magdalena Szota)
  4. Cold plasma-assisted synthesis of silver nanoparticles templated by polyacrylates, deposition on cements and encapsulation within hydrogels (Dominik Terefinko)
  5. Structural and rheological properties of composite PNIPAM-PEG microgels (Jacopo Vialetto)


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