Final programme

Scientific sessions:

    • S1 – New “hard” and “soft” Materials, Functional materials
    • S2 – Reactions and Processes at Interfaces, Catalysis and Electrochemistry
    • S3 – Biointerfaces: Biomacromolecules, Biomembranes, Biomedical devices and Pharmaceutical formulations
    • S4 – Theory, Modelling & Characterization of Interfaces
    • S5 – Nutraceuticals and Food Chemistry
    • S6 – Colloid-Interface Interactions for Art, Energy and Environment
    • S7 – CSGI Meeting

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  TUESDAY Sept. 21st
17:00 Registration
19:30 Welcome drink
20:30 Dinner
WEDNESDAY Sept. 22nd
8:45 Opening Cerimony
  Chairs: Tommy Nylander and Andrea Salis
9:00 PL1 Brochard Françoise, Crossing boundaries from mesoscopic physics to biological functions: Aspiration and fusion from granules to multicellular hybrid aggregates
S1A New hard and soft materials, Functional Materials
  Chair Raedler Joachim
9:40 O1 Bonini Massimo, Physico-Chemical Challenges in 2D and 3D Extrusion Printing of Composites, Polymeric Dispersions and Hydrogels
10:00 O2 Meloni Manuela, Perspectives of Carbon dots as efficient fluorescent nanomaterials
10:15 O3 Gelli Rita, Insights into biologically-relevant calciprotein particles: effect of stabilizing agents on the formation and crystallization mechanisms
10:30 O4 Ferraro Giovanni, Controlled decoration of plastic surfaces with gold nanostructures
10:45 O5 Tonelli Monica, 3D printable magnesium-based cements towards the preparation of bioceramics
11:00 Coffee break
S1B New hard and soft materials, Functional Materials
  Chair Soderman Olle
11:30 O6 D’Errico Gerardino, Polyphenols from Agri-Food Byproducts: meso- and nanoscopic determinants of the antioxidant activity
11:50 O7 Angotzi Sanna Marco, Spinel ferrite based magnetic heat mediator: effect of the different inorganic and organic coatings
12:05 08 Sovova Sarka, Instable vaterite microparticles – the effect of temperature on particles size and shape
12:20 O9 Lachowicz Joanna, Frontiers in potentiometry of metal-chelating ligands grafted on ordered mesoporous silica
  S2A Reactions and Processes at Interfaces, Catalysis and Electrochemistry
12:40 O10 Comam Cristina, Influence of metal oxide nanoparticles on soybean plants growth
13:00 Lunch
S2A Reactions and Processes at Interfaces, Catalysis and Electrochemistry
  Chair Lo Nostro Pierandrea
15:00 KN1 Falqui Andrea, In situ STEM/EDS study of cation exchange reaction between diverse nanostructures
15:30 O11 Leopold Nicolae, SERS switch-on effect by specific adsorption of cationic and anionic analytes to silver nanoparticles
15:50 O12 Venanzi Mariano, Peptides on surfaces: where the interface matters
16:10 O13 Vialetto Jacopo, The effect of internal architecture on the assembly of soft particles at fluid interfaces
16:25 O14 Humphreys Ben, How solvent pH affects the lipase digestion of nanosized triolein, diolein and monoolein films
S2B Reactions and Processes at Interfaces, Catalysis and Electrochemistry
  Chair Venanzi Mariano
16:40 O15 Zoldak Gabriel, Salt-dependent antibody adsorption on water/solid interfaces
17:00 O16 Xiao Xinxin, Controlled Drug Release enabled by enzymatic biofuel cells
17:20 O17 Carta Maria, Chemical kinetics in mechanically activated powder mixtures
17:35 O18 Galantini Luciano, From Molecules to Supracolloidal Atomium like Superstructures: Building from the Bottom-Up with Steroidal Amphiphiles
17:55 End of session
18:00 Poster Session / Wine & Cheese
20:30 Dinner
  THURSDAY Sept. 23rd
  Chair Monduzzi Maura
9:00 PL2 Björn Lindman Hydrophobic interactions control the self-assembly of DNA and cellulose
S2C Reactions and Processes at Interfaces, Catalysis and Electrochemistry
  Chair Zoldak Gabriel
9:40 O19 Mazzenga Raffaele, Designing cryo-enzymatic reactions in subzero liquid water by lipidic mesophase nanoconfinement
10:00 O20 Szabo Tamas, Heteroaggregation-assisted formulation of graphene oxide nanocomposites from aqueous sols and suspensions
10:20 O21 Stefancu Andrei, Fermi level equilibration at plasmonic – molecule interface
  S3A Biointerfaces, Biomacromolecules, Biomembranes, biomedical devices and Pharmaceutical Formulations
10:35 O22 Carucci Cristina, Quercetin loaded polymer coated MSNs as drug delivery strategy against bacteria
10:55 Coffee break
  Chair Paduano Luigi
11:20 KN2 Moya Sergio Biological Fate of hydrid Nanocarries for drug delivery: Biodistribution, Degradation and surface Interactions of Nanomaterials in biological Environments
11:50 O23 Nazeeha Ayaz, Hydrophobin coated superfluorinated nanoparticles for 19F-MRI cell tracking
12:05 O24 Gilbert Jennifer, Lipid sponge phase as a matrix for enzyme encapsulation: structure and dynamics
12:20 O25 Clemente Ilaria, Lipids from algal biomass provide new (nonlamellar) nanovectors with high carrier potentiality for natural antioxidants
12:35 O26 Szota Magdalena, Poly(amidoamine) dendrimers as nanocarriers for anticancer drugs and their interactions with plasma proteins
12:50 End of session
13:00 Lunch
  S3B Biointerfaces, Biomacromolecules, Biomembranes, biomedical devices and Pharmaceutical Formulations
  Chair Fragneto Giovanna
15:00 KN3 Baldelli Bombelli Francesca, Fluorinated Branched Reporters as Innovative Bio-Tools in Medicine
15:30 O27 Nylander Tommy, Non-lamellar lipid liquid crystalline phases as matrices for biomolecules
15:50 O28 Lonetti Barbara, Effect of photosensitizer-loaded polymer micelles on membrane integrity and its link with PhotoDynamic Therapy efficiency
16:10 O29 Caminati Gabriela, Trodusquemine: a neuroprotective amphiphile that penetrates the outer layer of the plasma membrane
S3C Biointerfaces, Biomacromolecules, Biomembranes, biomedical devices and Pharmaceutical Formulations
16:30  O30 Jaremko Lucasz, Dynamics assisted druggability prediction of biomacromolecular interfaces
16:50 O31 Chirizzi Cristina, Multicolor 19F-MRI for in vivo visualizzation of inflammation
17:05 Coffee Break
17:30 O32 Bergese Paolo, The nanostructured secretome needs surface science (and vice versa)
17:50 O33 Murgia Sergio, Cubosomes stabilized by a polyphosphoester-analogue of Pluronic F127 with reduced cytotoxicity
  S4A Theory, Modelling and Characterization of Interfaces
  Chair Lonetti Barbara
18:10 O34 Friedman Ran, Computer Simulations of Whisky and Dilution of Spirits
18:30 O35 Jami Ludovic, Molecular dynamic simulation of pheromones adsorption during atmospheric transport
18:45 O36 Wang Kunyu, Ion correlation in silica nanochannels by Molecular Dynamics:
Ion Distribution and Potential of Mean Force
19:00 O37 Mulliri Simone, Evaluation of the interaction of potential anticancer drugs with G-Quadruplex DNA: insights from spectroscopic studies, in silico docking and molecular dynamics simulation
19:15 End of session
20:30 Social Dinner





  FRIDAY Sept. 24th
9:00 Trip to NORA
13:00 Lunch
  Chair Nylander Tommy
15:00 PL3 Raedler Joakim, How structure of mRNA lipid nanoparticles relates to gene expression kinetics at the single cell level – A soft matter perspective on LNP Mode of Action
S4B Theory, Modelling and Characterization of Interfaces
15:40 KN4 Fragneto Giovanna, Planar lipid bilayers as model biological membranes for structural neutron studies.
16:10 O38 Olsson Ulf, The colloidal structure of a regenerated cellulose fiber
16:30 O39 Gutfreund Philipp, 3D Neutron Reflectometry on polyelectrolyte multilayers: Revealing the single chain conformation in LbL films
16:50 O40 Olle Soderman, Transport properties in cubic liquid crystalline phases. Self-diffusion from NMR relaxation rates
17:10 Coffee Break
17:40 O41 Tartaro Giuseppe, Microstructure and phase behaviour in AOT/brine/Squalane sponge phases
S5 Nutraceuticals and Food Chemistry
  Chair Baldelli Bombelli Francesca
17:55 O42 Consumi Marco, Determination of glucosinolate content and myrosinase activity in Brassica oleracea var. italica and Brassica oleracea var. botrytis
S6 Colloid-Interfaces interactions for Art, Energy and Enviroment
18:15 O43 Casini Andrea, Jin Shofu starch-based nanostructured dispersion for the consolidation of modern and contemporary paintings
18:30 O44 Guaragnone Teresa, Chemical gels from Semi-Interpenetrated Polymer Networks of pHEMA/PAA: effect of pH and Copper complexation in the removal of bronze corrosion products
18:45 O45 Mastrangelo Rosangela, PVA cryogels to clean artworks: tuning microporosity through liquid-liquid phase separation
  Chair Olsson Ulf
19:00 O46 Rosciardi Vanessa, Novel Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)/Starch cryogels: Environmentally friendly tools for the cleaning of art
19:15 O47 Borchert Konstantin, Native and Oxidized Starches as Bioadsorber for Pb2+, Cd2+, and Al3+ from Simulated and Real Waters
19:30 O48 Reis Berthold, Adsorption of Aluminum, Cadmium, and Zinc Sulfate onto Hexanoyl Modified Chitosan
19:45 End of Session
20:30 Dinner






  SATURDAY Sept. 25th
S7A CSGI Session
  Chair Baglioni Piero
9:00 O49 Zitelli Patrizia, Horizon Europe
The new European framework programme for Research and Innovation
9:30 O50 Mateos Helena, Solution properties of drug delivery polymeric matrix ”Soluplus®”
9:50 O51 Chelazzi David, ”Green” colloidal dispersions for the consolidation of historical textiles
  Chair D’errico Gerardino
10:10 O52 Parsons Drew, Beyond the Hofmeister series: a theory of specific buffer effects
10:30 O53 Lo Nostro Pierandrea, The Peculiar Behavior of Degassed Liquids: How Gases Can Modify the Physico-Chemical Properties of pure Liquids and Solutions
10:50 O54 Paduano Luigi, Superlattice of hierarchically self-assembled nanocrystals induced by a hydrophobic coating: the case of cerium-oxide nanoparticles
11:10 Coffee break
11:40 Award ceremony
12:00 Closing ceremony
13:00 Lunch











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