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The magic colors of Cagliari

The sight of pink flamingos flying low over the lagoon


No visit to Cagliari would be complete without a trip to the city’s wonderful beach, so why not begin your stay in Cagliari by visiting by the famous Poetto beach, with its beautiful crystal- clear, blue and turquoise  waters. With its 8km of fine white sand,  It is one of the longest beaches on the island. Along This long just 5 miles from the city centre.


seascape of the Poetto sandy beach in Cagliari with blue sea


To the rear of Poetto beach, separated by a road  you can admire the site of thousands of beautiful pink flamingos wading in the city’s salt flats and lagoons. This is a spectacle which has been admired in Sardinia for centuries. The settled colony of these magnificent birds can be seen in their natural environment at Molentargius Natural Park within the area of Cagliari, just 5 miles from downtown. The sight of pink flamingos flying low over the lagoon is a photographer’s dream come true. Of course, flamingos are not the only birds you can see. The area has many interesting places for birdwatching. Scientists have identified at least 350 botanical, and around 100 ornithological, species around Cagliari.

Both the beach and the Molentargius park can be reached using the regular bus service from the city centre. The journey takes just over 10 minutes and a return ticket costs only a couple of euros. Otherwise, take a taxi or rent a bike.

The city area  is home to some  beautiful natural parks, other lagoons and a natural reserve, which  are all well worth a visit.


Cityscape with marina in the old city center of Cagliari


The city centre itself is very colorful starting with the buildings in the characteristic quarters of Castello, Marina, Villanova and  Stampace with their picturesque traditional houses and pedestrian streets where you will find many places to stroll around taking in the atmosphere. There are many B&Bs and hotels in these areas as well as small shops, bars and cafés where you can enjoy a wonderful, original Italian cappuccino  and a  pastry for at least  half the price of most countries.

Why not appreciate its ancient history visiting one or two of the city’s museums. The Castello area is home to several museums in the “citadella dei musei” a complex of museums (just 10 min by walking from the event ) including the archeological museum holding the island’s most significant finds from the Nuragic age, the name given to  the unique Sardinian culture on account of  the “Nuraghe” towers built thousand of years ago and still present all over the island. There is also an art gallery and a collection of wax anatomical models.


Sunset Bastione St. Remy


Sardinia is famous for good wine, good cheese and good food. The island has many wineries which offer tours and tasting.  Many of these are near Cagliari including the most famous winery which produces one of Italy’s finest wines, awarded 96/100 by James Suckling. Cannonau and Carignano are two of the island reds, whereas Vermentino is the best-known white. You can enjoy traditional delicious recipes with fresh sea food. Many visitors to the city have confessed to having eaten the most memorable sea-food dinner of their life.


Botanic Garden of the University of Cagliari


The typical meal is made up of 3 or more starters, pasta and rice dishes, then favourites such as roast sea bass, bream in vernaccia- wine sauce or mixed -fried fish followed by desserts, coffee and liqueurs at truly affordable prices.  Also taste the famous “maialetto”(spit-roast suckling pig), traditional raviolis filled with local cheese in the  small trattoria in the centre or looking onto the Sea at Poetto beach. Cagliari is not expensive, so you can eat well even on a tighter budget.


Ancient Cagliari by night


Cagliari is a Cultural and Tourist city, which is why you will find a lot of live music programs on summer evenings and nights.


University of Cagliari


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