ISPRS WG IV/5, 4th International Workshop on Web Mapping, Geoprocessing and Services
(Co-sponsored with ISPRS WG II/6 & ISPRS WG II/7 &WG IV/II, University of Cagliari and Curtin University)



The WebMGS workshop series commenced in Como in 2010 followed by subsequent workshops in Vancouver, Canada in 2011 and Xuzhou, China in 2013. This 4th event will take place at the University of Cagliari in Sardinia, Italy on 1-3 July 2015. This ISPRS WG IV/5 international workshop provides a dedicated scientific forum for researchers, professionals, government decision-makers and students to exchange and discuss current and state-of-the-art advances in web-based mapping, geoprocessing, geospatial information services and applications, particularly in dealing with big geospatial data. The workshop emphasizes a diverse range of topics related to new web-based developments of geospatial theories, technologies and solutions. Researchers will have the opportunity to share knowledge, exchange scientific ideas and results, and develop long term research collaborations.


The theme is focussed on web and cloud based mapping, architectures, services, analytics, ontologies, geovisualisation, collaboration, technologies, semantics and virtual globes, as well as related social and organizational issues. WebMGS 2015 will focus on, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Cloud and web-based multidimensional GIS

  • Open source solutions and open standards/specifications

  • Neogeography and map mashups; new cartographic theories and interfaces for web mapping

  • Quality assessment of web-based geospatial information sources, processes and applications

  • Design, development and evaluation of web and cloud based architectures, services and applications

  • Development and use of virtual globes for geospatial data integration, visualization and analysis

  • Mobile and location-based search and services; adaptive, context-aware, multidimensional, augmented reality

  • Web/cloud-based SDSS, PPGIS, Geo-design and collaborative environments

  • Web-based geoovisualisation and virtual geospatial environments for dynamics phenomena

  • Security, privacy, copyright, use policy and usability for geospatial web

  • Geospatial web semantics and ontology; intelligent web mapping/GIS services

  • Web mapping/GIS for education

  • Service chaining and web based geoprocessing workflows

  • Web/cloud based geospatial data discovery, access and utilization

  • Web/cloud based geospatial database management


Abstract (Archives) due: Feb 15, 2015

Full papers (Annals) due: Feb 15, 2015

Acceptance notification due: Mar 30, 2015

Early registration date: May 1, 2015

Full revised paper: May 1, 2015

ISPRS WG II/6: Geovisualization and Virtual Reality

ISPRS WG II/7: Intelligent Spatial Decision Support

ISPRS WG IV/II: Computing Optimization for Spatial Databases and Location Based Services

University of Cagliari

Curtin University

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