Over the recent years Nanomedicine has emerged as an innovative research field, able to revolutionize the healthcare industry through the application of nanotechnology to drug delivery, medical devices and theranostic agents. A vast amount of literature on nanopharmaceutical products for cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infections is available, and some successful candidates have reached clinical application. Accordingly, the market of health applied nanotechnologies is in constant growth, as confirmed by over 500 companies dedicated to the design, development and testing of novel nanomedicines in Europe and by the constant increase of R&D investments in the field.

For these reasons, the Advanced School in Nanomedicine will provide an overview on the new perspectives  in formulating drug delivery nano-systems.

More in detail, the invited lectures will focus on the opportunities, critical issues and challenges still to be faced in the development of the nanopharmaceutical products. Among them, the opportunities offered by nanotechnology to face drugs administration issues to the elderly and to pediatric patients will be discussed, as well as the regulatory aspects related to the development and market approval of nanomedicines.

The last day of the School will be dedicated to the presentation of “Bench to bedside” experiences, regarding the nanomedicinal products that have been successfully approved and released on the market.

Moreover, two dedicated sessions will allow young researchers to present their work in the form of either a poster or oral presentations and receive feedback from their colleagues and senior researchers.

The Advanced School in Nanomedicine represents the 17th edition of the  Summer School for Italian PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology.