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Connection Cagliari Airport – Cagliari city center

1) By bus. Every 30 minutes a bus is leaving from the airport to Cagliari city center. The stop is situated just outside the arrival area; tickets machine are inside the airport. Route lasts 15 minutes and costs 4 euros.
Daily timetable (italian only):
Website of the bus company (italian only):
2) By train. The train station “Elmas Aeroporto” is very close to the airport and you can get there by using conveyor belts running along the building. Tickets machine are nearby. Cost: 1,25 euros.
Website of the italian train company:
3) By taxi, which you usually find just outside the arrival area. The fare costs around 20 euros.
Both the bus and the train leaves you in Piazza Matteotti, from there you can reach the hotels/hostels situated in the city center very quickly also by foot.
How to get to the faculty:
The faculty is situated in Via Is Mirrionis 1.
You can get there by:
1) Bus n°5. Stop: Is Mirrionis (Magistero).
The bus leaves from the train station and also from via Roma.
2) Bus n°8. Stop: Viale Merello (Ingegneria).
The bus leaves from the train station and from Piazza Yenne. The stop is not exactly in front of the faculty, but just 200 mt far.
Website (italian only):
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