Titles of the Abstracts:

  1. Giovanni Cina: Modal Logics for Presheaf Categories
  2. Bob Coecke: Picturing quantum processes
  3. Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, Roberto Giuntini, Roberto Leporini: A First-Order Epistemic Quantum Computational Semantic
  4. Christian de Ronde: On the Physical Meaning of Quantum Superpositions
  5. Dennis Dieks: Identity, distinguishability and indistinguishability: classical and quantum
  6. Selma Dundar-Coecke: A quest for new quantum words: Reasons
  7. Hector Freytes, Graciela Domenech & Christian de Ronde: Frames in Categorical Quantum Mechanic
  8. Roberto Giuntini, Tomasz Kowalski & Francesco Paoli: On When Semantics Is Not a Good Semantics: The Algebraisation of Orthomodular Logic
  9. Décio Krause: Superpositions and Logic
  10. Antonio Ledda: On some properties of directoids
  11. Roberto Leporini, Enrico Beltrametti, Hector Freytes, Giuseppe Sergioli: Entanglement and Quantum Logical Gates
  12. Jarek Miszczak: Tensors, cones and axioms or how to build alternative quantum theories
  13. Giuseppe Sergioli, Antonio Ledda: Quantum Computational Logic with Qutrit
  14. Nahuel Sznajderhaus: Structural Realism, Closed Theories and the Quantum to the Classical Limit
  15. Tomas Veloz: Quantum Cognition: History and New Perspectives

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